Check out the Botanic Garden's Literature Garden!

Located on the Western edge of Odell Park, and accessible through its beautiful walking trails, is the city of Fredericton's Botanic Garden. While the year-round free admission and the beauty of the garden are enough to encourage anyone to visit, there is another reason for poetry lovers like yourself to stop by. Headed by Dr. Stephen Heard of the University of New Brunswick's Biology Department, the Botanic Garden will be hosting a Literature Garden where plants are paired with prose and poetry by New Brunswick artists.


Come Say Hello

We're still working away at making this app as good as it can be, so we're open to your suggestions. Maybe you have a poet in mind, or poem you want to share. There could be some local trivia that's a secret to everyone but you. Or -- and this would be really embarassing for us -- maybe there's a mistake we didn't catch. We also take compliments if that's what you're into.


Our Partners

Poetic Places Fredericton is happy to be partnered with the Writer's Federation of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University in supporting the work of local writers.


Poetic Places London

Poetic Places Fredericton was inspired by the original Poetic Places App, created in London by Sarah Cole during her time as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the British Library. Ms. Cole launched Poetic Places with the hopes that other cities around the world would follow her lead, and Dr. Kathy Mac here in Fredericton was immediately interested. After bouncing ideas back and forth with Ms. Cole, and then receiving a Canada Student Summer Jobs Grant, Poetic Places Fredericton was born.


Take a Walk

We've just launched an update to the Poetic Places Fredericton app that will make it easier to use. Now your push notifications will send you directly to the poem within the app.