Check out the Botanic Garden's Literature Garden!

Written on 06/08/2017
Kathleen McConnell

Located on the Western edge of Odell Park, and accessible through its beautiful walking trails, is the city of Fredericton's Botanic Garden. While the year-round free admission and the beauty of the garden are enough to encourage anyone to visit, there is another reason for poetry lovers like yourself to stop by. Headed by Dr. Stephen Heard of the University of New Brunswick's Biology Department, the Botanic Garden will be hosting a Literature Garden where plants are paired with prose and poetry by New Brunswick artists. 

The plants to be displayed in the Literature Garden will be decided through the selection of poems in which they appear. For instance, a group of geraniums would be displayed alongside a poem about geraniums, or one which uses geraniums as its main image or metaphor. The literary work, as well as information about the artist and the plant, is to be displayed on panels beside the plantings. This attraction thereby provides a fun and unique opportunity to learn about New Brunswick artists, as well as local plant-life.

Like Poetic Places Fredericton, the Literature Garden is designed to highlight the work of local artists and we have been delighted to work alongside Dr. Heard throughout the development of both projects. We have even attached a poem to the site; can you guess which one?

The main entrance to the Botanic Garden is located at 694 Prospect Street, and the garden is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year.

For more information about the Botanic Garden, and to access a handy map of the area which outlines points of interest, please visit