Take a Walk

Written on ٠٦/١٤/٢٠١٨
Evan Mersereau

We've just launched an update to the Poetic Places Fredericton app that will make it easier to use.  Now your push notifications will send you directly to the poem within the app.

With that in mind, we invite you to take a walk around Fredericton this summer (or whenever; you might be the type to brave Westmorland Street Bridge in a blizzard).  Fredericton might be a small city, but it's still mostly hill, so maybe reaching all 19 locations would be a bit ambitious for one day (especially if you're trying to get to the Sunset U-Pick from the Forestry Centre by foot).  But have a stroll downtown and you'll come across most of our content.  Maybe start by the foot of Odell Park if you're up for a long walk, or at the entrance to the Bill Thorpe Bridge before settling in at Read's for a coffee.

You can access all the places within the app, so you can plan your own sojourn with a map of the city.  And if your trip is waylaid by rain or some other misfortune, you can still access all the poems within the app, too.

Happy trails!

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