City Hall Fountain

Fredericton City Hall and the beautiful fountain which stands before it are located at 397 Queen Street. The fountain was donated to the city in 1885 by Mayor George Fenety, and the cherub which sits at its top soon after earned his beloved nickname, "Freddy the Nude Dude."

Sitting at the heart of the city, it is unsurprising that this fountain has been the target of vandalism and tricks over the years, including having the original Freddy stolen and broken (he now lives in City Hall, and a new aluminum Freddy sits on the fountain today).

A much more harmless prank is recounted in M. Travis Lane's poem "Remember the Day The Gleaner Missed?"  Someone has filled the Fredericton city fountain with dish soap, causing a flood of bubbles to flow out into the street.  This bubble prank actually happens nearly every summer, but no one ever seems to care, and it is nearly impossible to find a record of the event online.