Fredericton Botanic Garden

Located on the Western edge of Odell Park, and accessible through its walking trails, is the city of Fredericton's Botanic Garden.  The garden offers year-round free admission, making thebeaty of the flower beds a must-see during any Odell excursion. 

Headed by Dr. Stephen Heard of the University of New Brunswick Biology Department, in the summer of 2017 the Botanic Garden introduced an "Arts and Culture Bed," where plants were paired with music, prose, and poetry created by New Brunswick artists.  The plants had been selected based on the content of the literary work to which they were assigned.  For instance, a poem about geraniums was displayed beside a bed of geraniums.  Information about the work, its author, and the plant was displayed on panels.

As such, we've placed matt robinson's poem "geranium" in the app at the Botanic Garden.

The Botanic Garden main entrance is located at 694 Prospect Street, and it is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year.