The Owl's Nest Bookstore

At 390 Queen Street, in the heart of downtown Fredericton sat the Owl's Nest Bookstore.  Although the Owl's Nest had all the charm of a small shop, in reality its large interior only felt small because its shelves and floorspace were packed with used books.  It included everything from philosophy to sports, and was a haven for book lovers.  Its quaint owl-themed decor, and its adorable head of security Pepper the cat, further contributed to the Owl's Nest's reputation as one of Fredericton's most beloved businesses. Unfortunately, the Owl's Nest closed its doors for the last time on September 20, 2018.

The excitement and mystery of exploring the Owl's Nest is expressed perfectly in Michael Pacey's poem "At the Owl's Nest." This poem makes a nice, if sad companion piece to "La Vie en Rose."