Brunswick Street

Located between King Street and George Street in downtown Fredericton is Brunswick Street.  Aside from providing access to the King's Place Mall parking garage, Brunswick Street borders on the historic Old Burial Ground, which was founded in 1784.  In front of the Burial Ground is a nice seating area, with information and a map of the downtown area. 

We have decided to include Brunswick Street in this project because of the central role it plays in Sheree Fitch's poem "The Runner."  After running in search of a place to hide, the speaker in Fitch's poem is desperate to rest and grabs a tree on Brunswick Street for comfort.  However, even this simple action is questioned by those around her, and as she attempts to escape their interrogation by climbing the tree she finds that it too is occupied by a cruel man.  Not only is she once again forced to run away from those around her, but the man spits on her.  This scene is the climax of the subject's isolation from those around her, and highlights the anxiety she suffers as she tries to make her way in the world whilst avoiding the wrath of others.