Odell Park

Officially opened in 1954, Odell Park is a year-round public park located in the heart of Fredericton.  Previously known as the Rookwood Estate, the land which makes up the park was once owned by loyalist poet and New Brunswick's first Provincial Secretary Jonathan Odell.  The park stretches over 432 acres.

Aside from walking, jogging, or biking through its well-maintained trails, the park is a perfect location to have a picnic, or even a small bonfire in its designated barbecue pit areas.  The park has lots to keep visitors of all ages busy, including swings, a disc golf course, and a serene duck pond.  In the winter, visitors can snowshoe or cross-country ski the trails, slide in the open fields, and skate on the outdoor rink.  For larger events like birthday parties, the Odell Lodge is available for rentals.  Odell Park is also home to the  Fredericton Botanic Garden and the Odell Arboretum trail, both of which are designed to educate visitors about New Brunswick plant life. 

We have placed Jonathan Odell's poem "Our Thirty-Ninth Wedding Day" here for your enjoyment.