Bliss Carman's Grave

Although Bliss Carman died of a stroke in New Canaan, Connecticut on June 8, 1928, his ashes were soon after transported back to Canada and now rest in the Forest Hill Cemetary in Fredericton.  This cemetery is the final resting place of many Fredericton poets, including Charles G.D. Roberts, Alden Nowlan, and Francis Sherman.

Carman's grave has many notable features, including a stone book representing his dedication to literature and poetry, as well as three interlocking rings at the top of the stone which connect the ideas of Beauty, Truth, and Love.  But perhaps the most significant element of Carman's memorial is the scarlet maple which grows beside the stone.  Planted in 1954, the scarlet maple was added to the site to fulfill a request that Carman had made in his poem "The Grave-Tree," in which he writes:

"Let me have a scarlet maple

For the grave-tree at my head

With the quiet sun behind it

In the years when I am dead."

We have decided to place Fred Cogswell's poem "At Bliss Carman's Grave" at this location.  The entrance to the Forest Hill Cemetery is located on Forest Hill Road.