Read's Newsstand and Café

Although Jo-Anne Elder's poem "La Vie en Rose" was inspired by a coffee shop of the same name which closed soon after her arrival in Fredericton, in the years since the café culture in the city has expanded.  Within two blocks of Read’s Newsstand and Café, where we placed Elder’s poem, are Coffee and Friends, Second Cup, Chesspiece Café, Tim Hortons, Cinnamon Café, Paradise Imports and Coffee Roasters, and Unplugged Board Games Café.   And that’s just in those two blocks!

With all of these options, and more still outside this selection, we're sure you'll find a spot worth moving to Fredericton for.  Unfortunately, Read's closed for good on June 30, 2018 after a long and historic run as a Fredericton institution.  Located at 435 King Street across from the Kings Place Mall, Read's Newsstand and Café was a great place to relax.  In addition to providing one of the largest magazine selections in Atlantic Canada, Read's hosted live music events for local artists.

Hopefully your favourite coffee place won't be around for only a month after you've found it.  But if that happens, find a good backup and pour one out for your old spot, and another for La Vie en Rose, the Cedar Tree, Read's, and the other good and fallen Fredericton cafés.  Except don't really, that's good coffee you're waisting.