96 tears (in my jeans)

R. M. Vaughan



under right kneecap, three centimeter rip, don’t

know how it happened



inside inseam, right leg, on the calf muscle,

threads coming out, caught on a juniper bush,

cruising Fredericton riverfront … no luck



tiny change pocket, never know what to do with

them, cut it out with a jackknife out of

boredom, rivets were tough



patch over right thigh, black cloth, sewn on the

outside, you picking at the corners one morning

while I made tea, I said “stop it” but you’re such

a macho jerk in the tiniest ways



left calf, stretched a bit, I’ve been doing a lot of



This poem has been placed on the Saint John River bank in downtown Fredericton. 

Source:  Vaughan, R.M.  96 tears (in my jeans).  Broken Jaw Press, 1997.