"Surely This is the Ease"

Shari Andrews

The anticipated fall chill,

a wool sweater still folded

on the grassy slope of Morell Park.

A trickle of passers-by,

an hour hand sweeping the sidewalk

of this private gallery.


Green painted banks,

river of sapphire

that I could drink and drink.

A thirst slaked from the well

of a world more ancient.

A racing shell skims the surface,

drawn by the arms of rowers.


The afternoon glides by

on the strength of the body,

the beauty of the bones

turned in a lathe of T-shirt and jeans.

The mind, exotic hat poised

over every breath and beat,

right down to the filaments of human hair

posed and backlit into holiness.


Surely this is the ease that was intended,

the grace given freely,

the head and paws bounding fresh from the water,

splashing leaves, grass,

the faces and limbs

of those stretched out on blankets

in the sun.

Source:  Andrews, Shari.  Bones About to Bloom.  Oberon Press, 2001. 

"Surely This is the Ease" by Shari Andrews is reproduced by permission of Oberon Press, with our thanks.