"choo choo train"

Frederick Mundle

the boxcars clickedy clack

into the fiery lake of the setting sun


looking like a long line of angry red ants

on their way to war     each door


seals souls in the mind    souls

on other trains tracking to treblinka


souls to witness firsthand the frenzy

of the demon-possessed in dachau


the moan of its horn in its wake

too    the packety-pack of echoing reports


of steel wheels on steel rails like shots kill

a boyhood longing to go where trains go


for i know i travel parallel to hell

when the ground trembles and the beast


of hades leaves tracks few will follow

and has cut ties too numerous to count


This poem has been placed at The Station in downtown Fredericton.

Source:  Mundle, Frederick.  "choo choo train."  Amethyst Review, vol. 5, 1997.

Photo credit to Vera Berard via FreeImages.com: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/train-track-3-1496398