"Where I Stand"

Tammy Armstrong

Have you forgotten

because there are so many women

walking past

how I worry about you

hung high from scaffolding,

the saws that have spun through

your fingers before?

This relationship:  such sad surgery.


Boys have an aptitude to fall

with barn-swallow souls

from great heights and survive.


How many times have we walked

Westmorland Street Bridge

through snowstorms,

into the cupped metronome of us?

Our thoughts have always run parallel

or cross-cut each other.


Remember that after all the women have left

with their stiletto chatter

I’m beside you

while you limb-twitch asleep –

your arm still swings a hammer,

your thoughts still high on the roof.


You are the bird soul

chapelled in my lover’s body;

wrap me in worn corduroy and work shirts.

I can take much more.

Source:  Armstrong, Tammy.  Take Us Quietly.  Goose Lane Editions, 2006.