Poetic Places Fredericton

R. M. Vaughan

Read excerpts from R. M. Vaughan's 96 tears (in my jeans).

Placed at Fredericton's stretch of the Saint John River.

Richard Murray Vaughan was born in Saint John, NB in 1965, and received both his Bachelor of Arts and his Master of Arts from the University of New Brunswick (Saint John and Fredericton campuses respectively).  Vaughan has had a very successful and impressively diverse artistic career.  In addition to having written many highly-praised poetry collections and chapbooks including A Selection of Dazzling Scarves, 96 tears (in my jeans), and Invisible to Predators, Vaughan also writes novels and plays, is an avid filmmaker, and has had his paintings displayed in both Atlantic Canadian and Toronto exhibitions.  Much of Vaughan’s work is inspired by his personal experiences as an openly queer man, as well as by the social and political realities surrounding the queer community.  His poems have been published in many anthologies and literary or journalistic publications, including the Canadian Literature Magazine and The Globe and Mail, and his work has been nominated for many awards.  He sometimes lives in Europe and sometimes in Canada; it's best to inquire semi-annually.

For More Information:

R. M. Vaughan’s Official Website: http://rmvaughan.ca/ 

Atlantic Canadian Poetry Archive: http://www.stu-acpa.com/rm-vaughan.html

New Brunswick Literary Encyclopedia: http://w3.stu.ca/stu/sites/nble/v/vaughan_richard.html

Selected Bibliography

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Photo courtesy of rmvaughan.ca.