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Robert Gibbs

Read Robert Gibbs's poem "Like Bright Rain in a Cloud."

Placed at the Provincial Cenotaph.

Robert Gibbs was born in St. John, NB in 1930.  He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Brunswick in 1951, where his poetry was first published in the university’s Fiddlehead magazine. Gibbs then began his Master of Arts at UNB, but left to earn his second B.A. on an IODE scholarship to Cambridge University in England after a year.  In 1954 Gibbs returned to New Brunswick to teach in rural schools for nine years, after which he finished his MA at UNB in 1961.  During this time, Gibbs began teaching at the university and worked during his evenings to obtain his PhD, which he did in 1970.  In addition to teaching in the English Department, Gibbs acted as the Director of the Creative Writing Program and as an editor for the Fiddlehead.  The first collection to contain Gibbs’s poetry was Fred Cogswell’s collection Five New Brunswick Poets which also contained the poetry of Alden Nowlan, Elizabeth Brewer, Kay Smith, and Alfred Bailey.  Gibbs’s first solo publication was The Road From Here in 1968, after which he would publish eight more collections.  He has also published a few novels and short stories.  Upon his retirement from UNB in 1989, Gibbs was named professor emeritus.  He currently lives in Fredericton.

For More Information:

Atlantic Canadian Poetry Archive: http://www.stu-acpa.com/robert-gibbs.html

New Brunswick Literary Encyclopedia: http://w3.stu.ca/stu/sites/nble/g/gibbs_bob.htm

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Photo courtesy of Dr. Gibbs.