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Bliss Carman

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A member of the Confederate Poets movement, William Bliss Carman was born in Fredericton on April 5, 1861.  Carman was educated at the University of New Brunswick, graduating with an Honours degree in Latin and Greek in 1881.  After spending a brief time in England studying at Oxford and Edinburgh, Carman returned to UNB and was awarded his Master’s degree in 1884.  It was at this time that Carman moved to the United States, intending to study English at Harvard University.  While he would not remain at Harvard, Carman found employment as an editor for various newspapers, and wrote his most important poetry during these years.  His poetry collections Low Tide on Grand Pre:  A Book of Lyrics and Songs of Vagabondia (co-authored by Richard Hovey) solidified Carman’s reputation as a poet and garnered him a strong following both at home and abroad.  Carman spent much of his life living and writing in the United States, but often returned to Canada for book tours and lectures.  His influence on Canadian poetry has been recognized officially many times, including his acceptance into the Royal Society of Canada in 1925, his reception of the Lorne Pierce Medal in 1928, and a medal from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1929.  Carman is honored as one of the three founding fathers of Fredericton poetry, alongside his cousin Charles G.D. Roberts and fellow poet Francis Sherman, on a monument in front of the Harriet Irving Library on UNB campus.  His childhood home on Shore Street, known as the Bliss Carman House, has been officially recognized as a Historic Place by the Canadian Register, and in 2009 the Bliss Carman Middle School was built in his memory.  Although Carman died of a stroke in New Canaan, Connecticut on June 8, 1929, his ashes rest in the Forest Hill Cemetery here in Fredericton.

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