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Lynn Davies

Read Lynn Davies's Poem "On My Knees At the Strawberry U-Pick."

Placed at Sunset U-Pick.

A self-proclaimed “poet by accident,” Lynn Davies was born and raised in Riverview, NB by the owners of a small bookshop.  After spending some years travelling and working in Europe, Davies returned to Canada and obtained a Bachelor of Arts with an Honours in English from Kings College in Nova Scotia in 1983.  Before writing poetry, Davies worked as a freelance writer for magazines such as Canadian Geographic and Nature Canada.  She later moved to Vancouver where she remained until 1987, when her and her husband returned to Nova Scotia to start a family.  Despite being a devoted mother, Davies still found time to write every day in her characteristic poetic prose.  Her first successful poem was “The Flamingo,” which won Davies the Lina Chartrand Award from Contemporary Verse in 1995.  She published her first poetry collection in 1999, entitled The Bridge That Carries the Road, which was nominated for the Governor General’s Award and launched Davies on a book tour across the country.  Davies’s second collection Where Sound Pools was published in 2005, followed by How the Gods Pour Tea in 2013.  Davies has made many significant contributions to the literary life of Fredericton, including acting as a board member for the Writer’s Federation of New Brunswick, teaching Creative Writing at the University of New Brunswick, and founding a program called ReadWell tutoring.  She currently lives in Fredericton.


For More Information:

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Photo courtesy of Ms. Davies.