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Shari Andrews

Read Shari Andrews's poem "Surely This is the Ease."

Placed at Morell Park.

Shari Andrews was born in New Denmark, NB in 1953, but currently lives in New Maryland.  Andrews is of Danish descent and her writing is often inspired by her heritage and the history of the New Denmark settlement.  Her first poetic work, a chapbook entitled Treason, was published by Wild East Publications in 1990, and Andrews has since published five more poetry collections through Oberon Press:  The Stone Cloak in 1999, Bones about to Bloom in 2001, Crucible in 2004, Walking the Sky in 2005, and First Thin Light in 2015.  Andrews’s poetry has also been featured in many literary publications, including the University of New Brunswick’s Fiddlehead magazine.  She has also served as a member of the board of directors for the Writer’s Federation of New Brunswick from 1989 to 1992, and in 1997 Bones about to Bloom was awarded the Alfred G. Bailey Prize as an unpublished manuscript.  Andrews is also a member of the Wolftree Writer’s Group, a group of poets who meet in Fredericton to support and develop one another’s writing. 

For More Information:

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Photo courtesy of Ms. Andrews.