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Sheree Fitch

Read Sheree Fitch's poem "The Runner."

Placed at Brunswick Street.

A beloved Atlantic Canadian author, Sheree Fitch was born in 1956.  Fitch graduated from Fredericton High School as the valedictorian of her class, and later received her Bachelor of Arts from St. Thomas University as a mature student, whilst raising her two children as a single mother, in 1987.  That same year, Fitch published her first children’s poetry book, Toes in my Nose and Other Poems, which was followed in 1989 by Sleeping Dragons All Around.  Sleeping Dragons won Fitch the Atlantic Bookseller’s Choice Award in 1990.  In 1993, Fitch released her first collection of adult poetry called In this house are many women, which explores the difficult lives of single mothers and victims of domestic abuse.  Fitch went on to obtain her Master of Arts from Acadia in 1994, and has since received honorary Doctorates from St. Mary’s University, Acadia University, and St. Thomas University for her contributions to Canadian Literature.  She has taught children’s literature at STU, as well as in the Education Department at the University of New Brunswick.  Fitch has made many significant efforts to encourage the development of writing in New Brunswick, including acting as the honorary spokesperson for the New Brunswick Coalition for Literacy, and by sponsoring the Sheree Fitch Prize for Young Writers awarded annually by the Writer’s Federation of New Brunswick.  Fitch has also served as a UNICEF ambassador and has traveled around the world to endorse children’s literacy.  Although Fitch is perhaps best known for her children's books, even being referred to as Canada's female Dr. Seuss, she writes passionately in all genres for all ages.  In 1993 Fitch moved with her husband to Washington D.C., but the couple have since settled on a farm in River John, Nova Scotia.  On July 3rd, 2017 the couple opened part of their farm as Mabel Murple’s Book Shoppe and Dreamery, a book store dedicated to Atlantic Canadian books. In 2017 she published Majorly Weird and Freakishly Wonderful,  and co-edited an anthology of poems for children penned by Atlantic Canadian poets.

For More Information:

Sheree Fitch’s Official Website: http://www.shereefitch.com/

Mable Murple's Book Shoppe and Dreamery: www.mabelmurplesworld.ca

Atlantic Canadian Poetry Archive: http://www.stu-acpa.com/sheree-fitch.html

New Brunswick Literary Encyclopedia: http://w3.stu.ca/stu/sites/nble/f/fitch_sheree.html

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Photo courtesy of Ms. Fitch