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Margaret McLeod

Read Margaret McLeod's poem "No Wolves, I Tell You."

Placed at the Hugh John Flemming Forestry Center.

Margaret McLeod was born in Fredericton, but has lived all over New Brunswick during her lifetime.  She received her education at St. Thomas University, earning both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education.  McLeod's poetry has been published in a variety of literary magazines, including Fredericton's own The Fiddlehead, Event, and The Antigonish Review.  McLeod's work has also appeared in The Pottersfield Portfolio, a Nova Scotian publication where she worked for a time as an editor.  She has also acted as an editor and co-publisher for the Fredericton based company Wild East Publishing.  In 1991, McLeod published a short story chapbook through Wild East entitled Years.  The year after, she co-authoured a poetry chapbook called River Readings with fellow poets Joe Blades and M. Travis Lane. Much of McLeod's poetry focuses on the effects of child sexual abuse, and in 1993 she co-edited a poetry anthology called Shout and Speak Out Loud:  Atlantic Canadians on Child Sexual Abuse.  That same year her poem "The Fawn" was selected as the winning entry for the Writer's Federation of New Brunswick's annual literary competition.  McLeod passed away in September 2018.

Selected Bibliography

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As Editor

Shout and Speak Out Loud: Atlantic Canadians on Child Sexual Abuse. Ed. Margaret McLeod and Joe Blades. Fredericton: Wild East Publishers, 1992.

In lieu of a photo of herself, Ms. McLeod has provided us with a favourite photo of a lynx to represent her passion for New Brunswick's wildlife and nature.