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Kathy Mac

Read Kathy Mac's poem "Safe Place."

Placed at the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge.

Kathy Mac walks her dogs in the woods a lot, and tries to write every day, and is starting to be a bit envious of retired friends, but loves her job at St. Thomas University, and helps run the Odd Sundays Reading Series in Fredericton, and has brown eyes, and used to have brown hair, and likes to cook, and not-so-secretly loves science fiction and fantasy stories (but not zombies), and does yoga, and hasn’t slept well since Trump was elected, and loves her dogs, and is learning French, and doesn’t melt in the rain, and has published  three books of poems and one book of essays, and likes to swim, and wonders about a lot of things, and teaches Creative Writing and Intro Literature at St. Thomas University, and doesn’t teach Victorian Literature or Women Writers any more mostly because she spends all her teaching time teaching Creative Writing and Intro Lit, and has three brothers three friends-like-sisters two friends-like-daughters a sweetheart and an ex,  and generally overbooks herself which is a habit that she sometimes curbs better than other times, and considers herself a finalist in the Absent-Minded Professor of the Year Award if there was such an award which there isn’t because no one can ever remember to get their applications in on time, and did I mention she loves dogs?

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Photo Credit: Biff Mitchell, 2018.